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Stata Data Analysis short-course — Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria. November 2011

What's new in Stata 13?

Stata 13 includes many new features as listed below, alternatively watch the Stata video tour on Youtube.

Treatment effects
  • Inverse-probability weights (IPW)
  • Regression adjustment
  • Propensity-score matching
  • Covariate matching
  • Doubly robust methods
  • Continuous, binary,and count outcomes
  • Endogenous treatment models
Multilevel models
  • Negative binomial
  • Ordered logistic
  • Ordered probit
  • Multinomial logistic
  • GLM
  • Hierarchical and crossed models
Power and sample size
  • Means, proportions, variances, correlations
  • Case–control and cohort studies
  • Interactive control panel
  • Tabular results
  • Automatic graphs
Generalized SEM
  • Generalized linear responses: binary, count, ordered outcomes
  • Multilevel models: nested (hierarchical) and crossed
  • Random slopes and intercepts
  • Fast
  • Time series and panels
  • One to thousands of equations
  • Identities
  • Add factors
  • Dynamic and static
  • CIs via stochastic simulation
  • Compare scenarios
Long strings
  • Two billion character strings
  • Text strings
  • Binary large objects (BLOBs)
  • Import/Export/ODBC/SQL
  • Work just like Stata strings
Panel data
  • Ordered outcomes
  • Random-effects ordered probit
  • Random-effects ordered logistic
  • Random-effects multinomial logit
  • Cluster–robust SEs
Project Manager
  • Organize files (1–10,000)
  • Multiple projects
  • Filter on filenames
  • Click to open
  • Click to run
Effect sizes
  • Comparison of means
  • Linear regression
  • Confidence intervals
  • Cohen's d, Hedges's g, Glass's Δ, η2, ω2
More documentation
  • Three all-new manuals
  • 11,000+ total pages
  • Thousands of worked examples
  • Statistical overviews
  • Fast and easy navigation
More statistics
  • Ordered probit with sample selection
  • Poisson with endogenous covariates
  • Robust SEs for quantile regression
  • ML estimation without programming
  • Fractional polynomial prefix
  • Intraclass correlations
  • Seven noncentral-t and noncentral-F functions
  • Marginal effects for changes from status quo
And more
  • Factor variables now show labels
  • Import delimited with preview
  • Import from Haver Analytics
  • Business calendars from data
  • Create Word and Excel files
  • Java plugin API
  • FTP and secure HTTP


As with all of Stata, many of the new features in Stata 13 support multicore processors when using Stata/MP. Run faster, run Stata/MP.