Quantec is a consultancy providing economic and financial data, country intelligence and quantitative analytical software.


The EasyData service provides online access to South African macroeconomic, industry, international trade and regional indicators and analysis.

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Quantec is a provider of premium statistical, econometric and decision analysis software. We offer flexible licensing and fast shipping.

Stata 14EViews 9.5@RISK 7Rats 9.0Stat/Transfer 13

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Economist Intelligence Unit

Partnered with the EIU, Quantec provides a constant flow of analysis and forecasts on more than 200 countries and 6 key industries.

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South African Industry/Sector data at the 3-digit SIC level available for 2015

Quantec's Standardised Industry Service data has been updated to the year 2015.

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South African Bond Market (Quarterly Report) - August 2016

Over the five-year period that ended July 2016, South African equities outperformed bonds by 6.4 percentage points.

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South Africa Money and Credit Markets (Quarterly Report) - August 2016

Despite a challenging business environment over the past two years, credit demand by the corporate sector has been strong, contributing more than 70% to the growth in total loans and advances during this period.

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