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@RISK and DecisionTools Suite 6.2 Now Available

New in @RISK 6.2

New @RISK version 6.2 offers improvements to the XDK feature – the built-in Excel Developer’s Kit that enables you to automate and customize @RISK for Excel using Excel’s VBA programming language. The @RISK XDK now includes new functionality and greatly improved documentation to help you get started quickly.

Version 6.2 also includes faster simulation setup time for Project models, and has been translated into Russian. This is in addition to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Users can specify the language at install, and even change languages later -- all from the same installer. This is a major benefit to multinational companies seeking to roll out a single risk analysis standard around the world.

New in @RISK 6.1

New @RISK version 6.1 is fully compatible with 32- and 64-bit Excel and Office 2013, as well as Windows 8. It includes a wide range of improvements, including powerful - and faster - integration with Microsoft Project that allows you to perform risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation on your Microsoft Project schedules, all from the @RISK for Excel platform! Other new features in v6 include easier-to-understand tornado charts, better graphing options, improved distribution fitting, new distribution functions, and much more. The Industrial edition now adds the OptQuest solving engine to RISKOptimizer, and features simulation of time-series forecasts.

Integration with Microsoft Project—The new version of @RISK for Excel integrates with Microsoft Project, allowing you to perform all your risk modeling from the more flexible Excel environment. @RISK now imports your Project schedules into Excel so that you can use all of Excel's formulas, and @RISK's features, on your Project models. Excel becomes a front-end for your Microsoft Project schedule, linking directly to the underlying .MPP(X) file. Changes made in either Project or Excel are reflected in the other. When it's time to run your Monte Carlo simulation, Microsoft Project's scheduling engine is used for the calculations, ensuring accuracy.

Time Series Simulation—@RISK now offers a new set of functions for simulating time series processes, or values that change over time. Any future projection of time series values has inherent uncertainty, and @RISK now lets you account for that uncertainty by looking at the whole range of possible time series projections in your model. This is particularly useful in financial modeling and portfolio simulation.