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Available Stata 13 training courses and resources

A Short Course In Inferential Statistics And Multiple Regression

May 2014 (4 days) — Johannesburg, South Africa

Presented by CESAR (Centre for Statistical Analysis and Research)

If you can calculate a mean, you can do multiple regression. Experience how we make multiple regression simple.

About the course: Every researcher wants to ensure that observed associations among variables are valid i.e. not due to confounders or bias. Multiple regression models are used to determine risk factors and predictors, adjusting for confounders. Therefore researchers and programme managers should be able to understand and interpret multiple regression methods and outputs.

The objectives of this course objectives include: Bivariate hypothesis testing, understanding validity: bias and confounding, use of regression to control for confounding, logistic and linear regression models, univariate (unadjusted) and multivariate (adjusted) models, building regression models, variable selection techniques, model assumptions, understanding and interpreting outputs This course teaches intermediate to advanced statistics using Stata.

Participants will be able to conduct inferential statistics and estimate measures of effect. They will be able to build statistical models adjusting for confounders, and interpret outputs.

Download the course brochure for more information.

Course brochure in PDF [47.9 KB]

Data Analysis Course Using Stata

May 2014 (3 days) — Johannesburg, South Africa

Presented by CESAR (Centre for Statistical Analysis and Research)

Learn Stata, Research Methods, Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics in one course.

About the course: Stata is arguably the best software for data management and statistical analysis. It is a fast, powerful statistical package designed for researchers of all disciplines. Stata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything for data analysis from data management to basic analysis and advanced analysis.

The course objectives include helping participants achieve the understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics; be able to summarise and present data collected in their settings; and be able to make inferences from data using Stata. The course will teach participants study designs and statistics; a cool introduction to Stata; data management & data Cleaning; descriptive statistics including stata graphics; Inferential statistics.

This course teaches Stata and basic to intermediate statistics. Participants will be able to produce and interpret basic and intermediate descriptive and inferential statistics using Stata. As a result they will be able to take raw data, clean them, summarise them, analyse them and take appropriate action.

Download the course brochure for more information.

Course brochure in PDF [47.9 KB]

Stata NetCourses and short courses

Learn Stata by enrolling for one of StataCorp's convenient web-based courses or find short courses offered by independent sources in your country.

Available NetCourses

  • NetCourse 101, Introduction to Stata
    An introductory 6-week course that teaches how to use Stata interactively.
  • NetCourse 151, Introduction to Stata Programming
    An introductory 6-week course that teaches Stata data-analysis programming to those who have a basic knowledge of using Stata interactively.
  • NetCourse 152, Advanced Stata Programming
    An advanced 7-week course that teaches how to add new commands.
  • NetCourse 461, Introduction to Univariate Time Series with Stata
    An introductory 7-week course that teaches the practical aspects of time series that are most needed by practitioners and applied researchers.
  • NetCourse 631, Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata
    An introductory 7-week course that teaches concepts such as censoring, truncation, hazard rates, and survivor functions, as well as the analysis of survival data. 

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