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Stata training

Save yourself valuable time. Find out about available training courses and resources to become proficient in Stata.

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Stata training courses and resources

This page provides updates about upcoming Stata training courses and available learning resources.

Upcoming Stata training courses in South Africa

Stata learning resources

Stata NetCourses and short courses

Learn Stata by enrolling for one of StataCorp's convenient web-based courses or find short courses offered by independent sources in your country.

Available NetCourses

  • NetCourse 101, Introduction to Stata
    An introductory 6-week course that teaches how to use Stata interactively.
  • NetCourse 151, Introduction to Stata Programming
    An introductory 6-week course that teaches Stata data-analysis programming to those who have a basic knowledge of using Stata interactively.
  • NetCourse 152, Advanced Stata Programming
    An advanced 7-week course that teaches how to add new commands.
  • NetCourse 461, Introduction to Univariate Time Series with Stata
    An introductory 7-week course that teaches the practical aspects of time series that are most needed by practitioners and applied researchers.
  • NetCourse 471, Introduction to Panel Data Using Stata
    An introductory 6-week course that teaches the practical and conceptual aspects that are fundamental for practitioners and applied researchers who want to perform rigorous panel-data analysis.
  • NetCourse 631, Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata
    An introductory 7-week course that teaches concepts such as censoring, truncation, hazard rates, and survivor functions, as well as the analysis of survival data. 

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Stata Youtube Channel

Stata has 'n large collection of video tutorials freely available from the official Stata YouTube channel.

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