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The Economist Intelligence Unit

The world’s challenges and risks have grown. To operate successfully across borders, global executives and policymakers need reliable political, economic and business intelligence.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has developed a range of services that provide continuously updated, comprehensive analysis on over 200 countries. No matter where you operate, our latest intelligence provides the knowledge you need to inform your strategy and support your business.

Available services

Country Reports — The most reliable source of monthly in-depth economic, political and business analysis on 200 countries

Country Forecast — Long-term economic, political and business forecasts

Country Risk Service — Continuously updated country credit risk analysis

Market Explorer — Discover opportunities in over 90 countries and 200 cities

World Commodity Forecasts — Comprehensive analysis of major commodities

ViewsWire — Daily critical analysis on global economic, political and market conditions for 205 countries

Risk Briefing — Expert analysis to identify operational risk across 180 markets

Industry Briefing & Forecasts — Daily analysis, forecasts and background for six key industries

CountryData — Worldwide economic indicators and forecasts

Africa Cities — A comprehensive demographic and economic business intelligence package

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