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Country Forecast

Country Forecasts focus on how economic and political developments will shape the business environment in 82 of the world’s largest economies over the next five years.

The reports provide access to a comprehensive set of political, economic, and business environment forecasts that are continuously updated and written from the point of view of foreign investors. Country Forecasts also include 20-year forecasts for a range of key indicators, as well as analysis of the long-term trends that influence economic outcomes and business decision making.

A key feature of Country Forecasts is a set of business environment rankings that assess the attractiveness of the investment climate across 82 countries, allowing subscribers to make comparisons across countries and over time. Alongside the rankings, our country experts present in-depth analysis on various facets of the business environment, providing insights into key risks and opportunities.

Country Forecasts are available for 82 countries, with one main annual report and eleven monthly updates produced each year. Quarterly PowerPoint presentations supplement online subscriptions, distilling our analysis and allowing subscribers to incorporate our forecasts easily into their own presentations.

Monthly updates contain a condensed analysis and forecast for the country based on the most recent events plus a full set of historic and five-year forecast data. Our country-by-country expertise and the in-depth analysis that we provide make Country Forecast an ideal resource for the global investor.

Use Country Forecast as:

  • A planning tool for anticipating future opportunities and risks — Country Forecasts identify how economic and political developments will shape the business environment.
  • A country comparison tool — Our business environment rankings allow clients to evaluate and compare investment conditions across countries, while the consistent set of data provided in each report helps you compare conditions across countries.
  • A reliable source for identifying the best places to do business — Country Forecasts provide a clear evaluation and detailed analysis of each country’s:
    • institutional and political environment
    • macroeconomic environment
    • market opportunities
    • policy towards private enterprise and competition
    • policy towards foreign investment
    • foreign trade and exchange controls
    • taxation and financing issues
    • labour market and infrastructure
  • A tool for developing long-term strategies — Country Forecasts deliver 20-year forecasts for a range of key demographic and economic indicators, as well as analysis of institutional and policy trends that influence long-term economic outcomes.