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CountryData is an analytical database of worldwide economic indicators for 201 countries with up to 320 series per country.

CountryData provides data ranging from 1980 to 2030 and gives subscribers immediate access to headline economic indicators and forecasts vital to economic, financial, and budget models. It also provides hard-edged analysis of each country’s economic health and prospects.

Whether you need to monitor global macroeconomic trends or download the latest forecasts for a country, there is no deeper or more comprehensive source than CountryData. The EIU’s more than 60 years of experience providing country analysis and forecasts, makes this macroeconomic database the most comprehensive source of economic indicators and forecasts available.

CountryData’s broad range, in-depth coverage, and customisable delivery makes this service a critical tool for investment analysts as well as an ideal resource for economists, social scientists, consultants, and investment and professional researchers in all disciplines.

Use CountryData as:

  • A reliable feed for a sales or budget forecast model.
  • An authoritative resource for a complex financial forecast model.
  • An academic research tool using a unique, comparable dataset.
  • A source for a quick set of economic numbers for your next report.
  • A reliable, defensible set of forecasts for due diligence reports.
  • A tool for comparing and prioritising opportunities on a country level.

Where does CountryData get its data and forecasts?

The Economist Intelligence Unit devotes considerable resources to data collection, analysis, and forecasting. We have 160 full-time analysts and economists based in London, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and other locations. To support this team, we maintain a global network of more than 650 correspondents.

We collect historic economic data from hundreds of national and international sources. Our economists check all data to ensure accuracy and consistency, and fully source and annotate every series so you know exactly where it comes from.

Forecasts are the responsibility of our team of analysts, each of who specialise in a small number of countries. To produce authoritative forecasts, we maintain models for each country, augmented by a global econometric model forecasting world trends. We update our economic forecasts for the largest 122 countries every month ensuring that our database reflects the latest developments and data releases (the remaining 79 emerging markets are updated on a quarterly basis). We also update our set of global economic assumptions once a month, ensuring that analysis of individual countries is underpinned by a consistent global view.