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Industry Briefing & Forecasts

In-depth news, analysis, trends, and forecasts for six global industries

Industry Briefing & Forecasts provide five-year forecasts and news analysis for six key industries in 60 major economies, accounting for more than 95% of world output and trade. Our forecasts are based on the latest data and in-depth analysis of industry trends. Our unique perspective on the economic and political factors that shape each business sector enables us to deliver strategic context for each industry.
Industry Briefings keep you abreast of the latest events and how they impact your business. They also pinpoint important future trends in your market and give you a deeper understanding of what they mean for your business.
All of our analyses and data are presented in a consistent format across industries and countries to make side-by-side comparisons easy and fast.

Use Industry Briefing & Forecasts to:

  • Gain insight into future industry trends that will affect your business.
  • Compare countries over time using five-year forecasts.
  • Stay current on the latest deals and issues affecting your industry around the world.
  • Receive an authoritative strategic overview of the key events and developments that affect your business planning.
  • Leverage EIU’s global network to extend your research capabilities.
Industry Briefing’s structure provides a global perspective on the latest business-sector developments. The service allows you to delve deeper into the specific issues affecting your industry in particular countries.

Critical issues and events analysis

Each day, EIU industry experts post our analysis of the latest corporate and industry developments for each country we cover. This expert analysis allows you to maintain awareness of 6 major industries and 26 sub-sectors across the globe. Semi-annual industry forecasts help you to keep an edge on the competition.

Special reports

EIU analysts cover the latest industry trends and developments in regular, thematic reports.

Data & forecasts

Each Industry Briefing includes comparable historic and forecast data for each country. The EIU Data Tool provides series selection, searching, and Excel® downloads. All series are forecasted out five years with some series forecasted out 20 years. There are up to 286 series per industry as well as additional macro-level series.

Industry risk ratings

EIU’s operational risk model is weighted for each industry, sub-sector, and country. Overall ratings are weighted according to their impact on particular industries. For example, high security risk will be weighted more heavily for the energy sector in Russia than the consumer goods sector. As an extension of Risk Briefing, this is a valuable resource for supply chain managers.

Commodity coverage by industry

EIU’s commodity forecasts and analyses are included in coverage of the Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Energy industries.