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Market Explorer

Discover opportunities in over 90 countries and 200 cities

Market Explorer is a unique online tool that allows anyone focused on market scanning and forecasting to immediately see which countries and cities offer the greatest opportunities for their products and services, now and in the future.

The first stage of any successful international growth strategy is the identifi cation of markets that offer the greatest potential for consumption of goods and services.

Market Explorer is a precise, reliable and fast online tool that provides evidence-based, actionable results tailored to your requirements.

Powered by EIU Canback and developed by experts in economic modelling and forecasting, Market Explorer hones in on markets that match your target demographic both at country and city level. It also allows you to weight those opportunities against the risk inherent in any new investment.

A global online market scanning and forecasting tool that’s light years ahead

  • Emerging markets focus: With over 90 countries and 200 cities at your fi ngertips Market Explorer puts a particular spotlight on centres of rapid economic growth. Rank and compare countries and cities in terms of their market potential by drawing on EIU Canback’s world renowned demographic and income data forecasts. We’ve incorporated over 1,600 data points per city. No other provider can deliver this level of granularity.
  • Plan for today and forecast through to 2030: With data available from 2005 – 2030 Market Explorer helps you form a view on markets over time view results from past, current and future years.
  • Precise outcomes, reliable data: Powered by our rigorous approach to data standardisation, economic analysis and forecasts, Market Explorer offers precise comparisons between potential markets in terms of size and nature of opportunity.
  • Evidence-based, actionable results tailored to your requirements: Adjust rankings according to your appetite for risk or return by refi ning and weighting results by adding over 15 external environmental indicators.
  • Fast, User-friendly and with a choice of reporting: In just a few simple steps you can have access to tailored market opportunities and forecasts with your choice from a range of reporting options.
  • Support from our team of experts when you need it: We’ll always be on hand to provide training and customised support when you need it.

Identify tailored opportunities

Market Explorer provides a fast, intuitive and fl exible interface so in just a few simple steps you can have access to market opportunities and forecasts based on your requirements.