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Every business day ViewsWire gives you the latest EIU data and briefs you on the implications of important economic, political and market developments around the world.

This in-depth country analysis service draws on the EIU’s vast country intelligence databases and combines comparable country-specific data and forecasts with extensive country-intelligence assessments of key events worldwide.

Sources include the full resources of The Economist Group, notably The Economist, as well as information obtained from our strategic alliances with other reputable intelligence-gathering organisations, including the BBC.

The result is ViewsWire, a comprehensive, extensively researched analytical service covering politics, economics, business and finance, that is updated daily and available online.


Analysis, not news — ViewsWire’s expertise-driven, hard-edged analysis details the implications of world news and events.

ViewsWire is fast — Within 24 to 48 hours of a major event, EIU analysts deliver their views on how the event affects a country and its implications for business.

Intuitive searching and interface — Information is presented in concise, bite-sized chunks—not lengthy reports. You may use our full text search to find topics, keywords or data series. ViewsWire’s navigation tools allow you to find information by country, topic or category.

A power-tool for in-depth research— ViewsWire distills a wide range of sources into a dedicated channel of news analysis and statistics to help subscribers keep tabs on global indicators. Downloadable data, charts and Excel® spreadsheets allow you to view, chart and compare statistical information across 205 countries directly into your documents or spreadsheets.

Daily e-mail alerts — Subscribers may sign up for automated e-mail alerts to stay abreast of changes to important topics.

Critical data at a value— In an age of tight budgets, ViewsWire gives you a cost-efficient way of obtaining critical data, forecasts and analysis. With a ViewsWire subscription your staff can spend more time evaluating information or creating critical reports, and less time digging through multiple sources.