Introductory Risk and Decision Analysis Workshop with @Risk - 1 March 2018, Cape Twon

Palisade invites you to a 1-day Risk and Decision Analysis Training Workshop. This is a “must attend” event for professionals dealing with risk or decision making under uncertainty in any industry. This workshop is designed for anyone who performs risk analysis as part of their work, or deals with modelling situations where there is uncertainty, and there will be applicability to all industries and modelling requirements.

The programme includes training sessions run by Palisade experts, who will present several sessions on quantitative modeling using @RISK, including an introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation, building a project cost estimate, making risk registers, choosing the distribution that fits, sensitivity analysis, decision analysis, and optimization. Participants will work on models along with the trainer to understand how quantitative techniques like Monte Carlo simulation and optimisation can apply to any business decision making problem involving uncertainty.

Visit our @Risk training page for more info and registration.

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