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EViews 11 released

EViews 10+ adds new features to EViews 10

EViews 10 released

EViews 11

New in EViews 11

EViews Interface

  • Interactive command explorer to view all the applicable commands for an object and its documentation.
  • Name and command auto-complete.
  • Value-based spreadsheet and Geomap coloring.

Data Handling

  • Integration with Python.
  • Duplicates analysis.
  • Split-observations high-to-low frequency conversion method.
  • Interface to the following data sources.
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).
  • US Census.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Graphs, Tables and Spools

  • Geographic maps.
  • Fan charts.

Econometrics and Statistics


  • Improved Bayesian VARs.
  • Mixed frequency VARs.
  • Switching VARs (Markov and simple).
  • Elastic net and LASSO machine learning.
  • Functional coefficient and localized regression.
  • Additional cluster robust standard errors.

Testing and Diagnostics

  • Seasonal unit root tests.