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Introductory Risk and Decision Analysis Workshop with @Risk - 1 March 2018, Cape Twon

Palisade Risk Conference 2015 - 12 May 2015 Johannesburg, South Africa

Palisade Training Seminar: Johannesburg, 15-17 April 2014

@Risk - Risk Analysis using Monte Carlos Simulation

3 Editions to meet your needs

@RISK Industrial @RISK Professional
Advanced Simulation Engine x x
Support for 2 CPUs or processor cores x x
Over 40 Built-in Distribution Functions x x
Integrated Distribution Gallery x x
Insert Function Command x x
@RISK Function Swap x x
Compound and Six Sigma Functions x x
Variety of Result Graphs and Charts x x
Live Updating During Simulation x x
Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis x x
Correlation of Inputs x x
Freehand Distribution Artist x x
Integrated Distribution Fitting x x
Integration with Microsoft Project x x
@RISK Library x x
Excel Developer Kit (XDK) x x
Stress Analysis x x
Advanced Sensitivity Analysis x x
@RISK Goal Seek x x
Full Multi-CPU Support x
Simulation of Time -series Forecasts x
RISKOptimizer x

100% Excel

@RISK is a true add-in to Microsoft Excel, integrating completely with your spreadsheet. Browse, define, analyze—while never leaving Excel. All @RISK functions are true Excel functions, and behave exactly as native Excel functions do. @RISK windows are all linked directly to cells in your spreadsheet, so changes in one place are carried out in the other. @RISK graphs point to their cells via callout windows. Drag-and-drop ease, context-sensitive right-click menus, and the @RISK toolbar make learning and navigating @RISK a snap.

@RISK simulations are calculated 100% within Excel, supported by Palisade sampling and statistics proven in over twenty years of use. Palisade does not attempt to rewrite Excel in an external recalculator to gain speed. A single recalculation from an unsupported or poorly reproduced macro or function can dramatically change your results. Where will it occur, and when? Palisade harnesses the power of multiple CPUs and multi-core processors to give you the fastest calculations. Correct results-and fast-using @RISK!

@RISK and DecisionTools Suite software is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows7 and Windows 8, Excel 2003-2013, and Project 2003-2013.

64-bit Compatible

64-bit technology enables Excel and DecisionTools software to access much more computer memory than ever before. This allows for vastly larger models and greater computational power.