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@Risk - Risk Analysis using Monte Carlos Simulation

Features & benefits

Features Benefits
Monte Carlo simulation Shows possible outcomes to avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities
100% Excel calculations for simulation Highest level of accuracy, and maximum use of multi-core processors for speed
Interface Benefits
Seamless integration into Microsoft Excel Never leave your spreadsheet; get up to speed quickly
Intuitive toolbars and right-click menus Easy navigation – multiple ways to perform common tasks
Model Definition Benefits
Distribution palette viewer and data fitting Easy and accurate definition of uncertain factors
38 built-in distribution functions Represent virtually any uncertain factor for accurate modeling
@RISK Library Define, reuse, and share custom distributions and simulation results
Compound function Combines two distributions into one to streamline insurance or other large models
Percentile distribution parameters More flexible ways to define uncertainty
Correlation of inputs and correlation time series Represent dependency between related variables for accurate modeling
Simulation Benefits
Demo Mode and live updating Graphs and reports update during simulation for illustration to others
Extensive settings control Customize simulations to specific needs
Simulation Results Benefits
Fully customizable presentation-quality graphs See the impact of risk and communicate to stakeholders
Reporting in Office All graphs and charts can be exported to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in native chart format for easy distribution to others
One-click Quick Reports See summary of charts and graphs pre-formatted for one page
Histograms, area, line, cumulative, summary, box plot, and overlay graphs Variety of graphing and charting options for easy, accurate communication
Tornado charts and scatter plots Visually identify critical factors and identify trends
Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis Identify the individual tasks that have the most impact on results, and the particular scenarios that lead to certain results
Six Sigma functions Report Six Sigma statistics for quality analysis