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RATS Newsletter (Apr, 2019)

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Rats training

Save yourself valuable time. Find out about available training courses and resources to become proficient in Rats.

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RATS E-courses by Estima

Estima have an ongoing series of e-courses covering popular topics in detail.

These courses go into much more detail than the main RATS documentation. Each course costs US$50. Courses can be purchased on the Estima website and are e-mailed.

Each course consists of a PDF workbook, RATS programs and data which focusses in detail on one topic. The PDF workbooks are 150 to 300 pages and cover 15-30 useful examples in detail, explaining the RATS instructions used to accomplish the task. When applicable, the relevant theory surrounding a calculation is also provided.

The RATS Software Forum


The RATS Software Forum is an online community of RATS users. It is a platform where users can ask and answer questions relating to all things RATS. Membership is free, all you have to do is register to participate and contribute.

The main topics of discussion are divided as follows.

- Courses and seminars
- Procedures, examples and sample code
- General RATS discussions
- Econometrics issues
- CATS (Cointegration Analysis)