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Stat/Transfer features

  • Worksheet pages can be concatenated into a single output file.
  • Value label tags and sets can be preserved.
  • SAS value labels can now be read form transport files, CPORT files, datasets, and catalogs.
  • JMP support has been expanded.
  • Users can specify any delimiter for ASCII files and can combine adjacent black delimiters.
  • Generated programs and ASCII files can now preserve input widths.
  • In R and S-Plus, factors can now be converted to numeric variables with labels to string variables.
  • Support for longer string variables and longer value and variable labels has been added; Stat/Transfer is compatible with the limits of all supported programs.
  • A built-in logging and FTP facility is now available for troubleshooting.
  • Data viewer allows you to preview data in a scrollable grid before you perform your transfer.
  • Option to control the version and "flavor" of the output Stata dataset that will be written by Stat/Transfer.
  • Web self-update (Windows version).
  • Wildcards for tables and worksheet pages (move multiple tables in a single command).
  • Complete online documentation.
  • Preserves all of the precision of your data.
  • Support for extended (.A–.Z) missing values in Stata and SAS.
  • Produces HTML tables from data.
  • Automatically selects appropriate output dataset storage types.
  • Automatically optimizes output dataset storage types.
  • Allows manual control over output dataset storage types.
  • Produces missing values automatically.
  • Preserves variable names, value labels, and variable labels.
  • Supports value labels for string variables.
  • Allows selection of subsets of variables and cases for transfer.
  • Allows choice of worksheet page.
  • Runs in both menu-driven and batch modes.
    • Optionally enter transfer commands with copylike syntax.
    • Optionally build batch jobs and shortcuts for repetitive transfers.
    • Extensive options for customization.
  • Handles up to 8,000 variables; no limit on observations.

Command processor features

  • The command processor now has a flexible syntax for specifying input and output tables simultaneously.
  • The command processor now allows multiple input files to be combined into a single output file.
  • Automatic wildcard transfers (e.g., copy *.dta *.sd2).
  • Build batch jobs and shortcuts for repetitive transfers.
  • Directly zip files or run other DOS or Windows programs.
  • Enter transfer commands with a copylike syntax.
  • Keep or drop processing for field selection.
  • Save ODBC information for prompt-free connections.

Date/time support

  • Time and date-time types.
  • User-configurable formats for both reading and writing.
  • Fully Year-2000 (and Year-1600) compliant.

User interface features

  • Quick variable selection using wildcards and ranges.
  • More control over how worksheet ranges and field names are read.
  • Easy output path selection using a most-recently-used list.
  • More control over how user-missing values are processed.