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Which file formats are supported by Stat/Transfer 13?

1-2-3LIMDEPSAS CPORT datasets and catalogs (read only)
Microsoft Access (Versions 2.0 through Office XP version)MATLABSAS for Unix—HP, IBM, Sun
dBASE (all versions)MATLAB Seven DatasetsSAS for Unix—DEC Alpha
Delimited ASCIIMinesetSAS for Windows and OS/2
Delimited ASCII with a Stat/Transfer SCHEMA file Minitab 14 (read only)SAS PC/DOS 6.04 (read only) 
Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Schemas MPLUS (write only)SAS Transport
Epi InfoNLOGIT SAS Value Labels
EviewODBC data sources (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc.)SAS version 7–9 
Excel worksheets (all versions, including Excel 2013) Open Document SpreadsheetsSPSS through version 21  
Fixed format ASCII OSIRIS (read-only)SPSS Datafiles (Windows and Unix)
FoxProParadoxSPSS Portable Files
GAUSS (Windows and Unix)Quattro Pro for DOS and WindowsStata (all versions, including 14) 
GenstatStatistica versions 7–8 (Windows only)
gretl RATSSYSTAT 13 
JMP 10 S-PLUS (now supported through version 7)Triple-S Survey Interchange Format