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EasyData Regional Service

Subscribe to a unique, disaggregated and consistent view of South Africa's socio-economic structure and market potential on a regional basis down to district and town council level.


Three subscription options are available under the EasyData Regional subscription. Option 1 includes access to the full collection of regional data, which includes current and historic primary source data, population censuses and surveys and the Quantec collection of standardised regional data. With Option 2, subscribers gain access to selected regional forecast data.


  • Unlimited users — Every employee in your department may register his/her own account.
  • Multi service discounts — Contact us for discounts available on when subscribing to more than 1 service.
  • Academic discounts — Academic institutions are eligible for academic discounts.
Option 1 Option 1 + 2
a) Economic Data
RSA Regional Indicators
b) Economic Analysis
RSA Regional Forecast
Prices excluding VAT R95,100 / year TBA

a) Economic Data

The database consists of two main sections, namely primary source regional data and standardised regional data. The first section is an archived collection of relevant electronically available industry and population censuses and surveys published by Statistics South Africa and various other government departments and organisations. These resources give users direct access to complete actual datasets and survey questionnaires.

The second section (standardised regional database) combines the actual data as reflected in the first section in a standardised format to conform to the national accounts, a long-term demographic model of South Africa and other socio-economic national and regional benchmark time-series. With data available on a municipal level, and for 23 industries (where appropriate) this collection of data will facilitate the comparison of economic and development indicators over time and region.

b) Economic Analysis

A regional forecast based on the standardised regional database and Quantec's macroeconomic and industry outlook. The forecast covers population demographics, household income, household and government consumption expenditure, investment, output, GVA and employment.

Benefits and highlights

The Regional Service gives you consistent, accurate and timely data and estimates on a wide selection of variables you need to know in order to make informed regional business decisions.

  • Gauge market size and potential in the regions in which you operate or plan to invest.
  • Develop a successful regional strategy based on our dependable data and estimates.
  • Compare markets easily with data that have been chosen for consistency from region to region and industry to industry.
  • Do all of this in one place and on one platform with simple-to-use technology.

Typical users

The Regional Service enables analysts to accurately assess the regional marketplace. The focus is on planning and business development, marketing and sales, market research and economics. It is especially valuable to government including educational institutions, professional service firms, consulting firms and financial institutions, which all operate in multiple markets and sectors. With a heavy focus on consumer markets and demographics, it is ideal for organisations that offer consumer products and services.


  • The EasyData website allows users to browse and download all the desired data in MS Excel XLSX, CSV, Stata, EViews and PDF format.
  • Continuously updated as data becomes available.

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