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EasyData Macroeconomic Service

A combination of indicator time-series covering all aspects of the South African economy (including some key Global indicators) and forecasting and analysis on a selection of South African economic indicators.


The data is organised into various data sets, providing efficient access to a broad range of macroeconomic data. Three annual subscription options are available under the EasyData Macroeconomic Service. Option 1 contains detailed historic indicators for the South African economy as well as a selection of Global indicators. Option 2 contains forecasts for key South African indicators.


  • Unlimited users — Every employee in your department may register his/her own account.
  • Multi service discounts — Contact us for discounts available on when subscribing to more than 1 service.
  • Academic discounts — Academic institutions are eligible for academic discounts.
Option 1 Option 2 Option 1 + 2
a) Economic Data
RSA and Global Indicators
b) Economic Analysis
RSA Key Indicators Forecast
Prices excluding VAT R47,300 / year R21,500 / year R68,800 / year

a) Economic Data

The South African and Global economic time-series database incorporates a comprehensive set of indicators covering all aspects of the South African economy and including basic data for South Africa’s main trading partners. The emphasis is on demographics, labour, prices, general economic indicators, financial and capital markets, public finance, balance of payments statistics, national accounts and industry data.

South African economic data include:

  • Agricultural statistics (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
  • Banking sector data - BA900 and BD900 (SARB)
  • General economic indicators (BER, etc.)
  • House price indices (Absa, FNB, Standard Bank)
  • Macroeconomic and financial indicators (SARB)
  • Mineral production and sales (Department of Mineral Resources)
  • Monthly vehicle sales (NAAMSA)
  • Petroleum statistics (SAPIA and Department of Energy)
  • Preliminary international trade statistics (SARS Customs and Excise)
  • Price and index pages (SEIFSA)
  • Short-term indicators (Statistics South Africa)

The greater interconnectedness between economies and industries necessitates insight into both the local and global economy. The Global economic data provides information on key macroeconomic and market indicators for a representative number of countries and regions.

Global data sources include:

  • Statistical agencies and central banks in relevant countries.
  • International institutions such as UNStats, World Bank, OECD, Eurostat, IMF, etc.

b) Economic Analysis

Quantec’s Economic Analysis service provides an easy to use synopsis of economic activity and policy issues in the South African economy. Forecasts and analysis can be used for strategic planning, budgeting, product development, investment, marketing, costing, wage negotiations and other purposes.

The forecast service includes all macroeconomic forecast data, monthly indicator tables and monthly and quarterly dashboards. The main forecast report is available quarterly.

Benefits and highlights

  • Access a comprehensive and authoritative single platform with historical and forecast data rather than locating data across multiple platforms and sources.
  • Utilise the data to analyse changes in economic developments.
  • Track key data releases on a continuous basis.
  • Consider the impact of past economic developments and project future behaviour.
  • Identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

Typical users

Manufacturers, service providers, government agencies and financial institutions that:

  • Monitor and quantify key aspects of the economy.
  • Evaluate the economy’s impact on their own activities.
  • Assess economic activity by sector as part of their overall analysis.
  • Benchmark sales and revenue.


  • The EasyData website allows users to browse and download all the desired data in MS Excel XLSX, CSV, Stata, EViews and PDF format.
  • Updated on a daily basis.

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