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EasyData International Trade Service

Subscribe to a detailed up-to-date historic dataset of South Africa's merchandise trade together with an overview of bilateral global trade.


Two subscription options are available under the EasyData International Trade Service. Option 1 includes access to Quantec’s South African and global international trade indicators. Option 2 combines all the information contained in Option 1 plus the International Trade Indicators.


  • Unlimited users — Every employee in your department may register his/her own account.
  • Multi service discounts — Contact us for discounts available on when subscribing to more than 1 service.
  • Academic discounts — Academic institutions are eligible for academic discounts.
Option 1 Option 2
a) Economic Data
International Trade Indicators
b) Economic Analysis
International Trade Analysis
Prices excluding VAT R61,600 / year TBA

a) Economic Data

South African international trade data

Quantec’s international trade indicators provide an in-depth analysis of South Africa’s interaction with the global economy. By including information such as origin and destination of goods imported and exported on a detailed commodity and industry level, this collection of data allows for sector and product-specific analysis of South Africa’s trade. Updates are provided on a monthly basis, with quarterly and annual data included. Also included in this offering is Quantec’s collection of annual South African trade data by province and local district of origin and destination classified according to commodity and sector. This dataset is an invaluable tool for local region-specific analysis centred on trade and investment promotion.

Global international trade data

Quantec also provides a unique bilateral international trade dataset covering most of South Africa’s trading partners and economic peers. This dataset shows the trading position of each country or region according to the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) for industries. This database is ideally suited for comparing the South African international trading structure with those of its trading partners or peers.

b) Economic Analysis

Quantec's international trade service delivers a unique international trade dataset. Combining this dataset with Quantec’s South African international trade analysis provides a solid platform for strategic planning, budgeting, product development, investment, marketing and other purposes.

The analysis service includes monthly indicator tables and monthly and quarterly dashboards. The main analytical report is available quarterly. The South African trade overview is published annually with quarterly updates.

Benefits and highlights

  • Data is available in value (ZAR and USD) and volume on HS 8-digit level by destination and origin.
  • South Africa's multi-dimensional national, provincial and district-level trade data is classified according to various industry and product classifications (HS, BEC, ISIC, COICOP, etc.).
  • Data is also available aggregated by global regions and trade blocks (SADC, NAFTA, etc.).
  • Helps business planners make more timely, informed and profitable business decisions.
  • Helps you plan competitive trading strategies by quantifying specific commodity and country trade.
  • Uncover risks and opportunities by analysing and comparing target markets.
  • Understand market trends and the economic factors driving them.
  • Benchmark product line performance.
  • Advise economic development and infrastructure plans.
  • Analyse trends in the market by viewing historical data.
  • Find the existing market share of each product by country.
  • The EasyData system is simple to navigate and allows the user to view and organise data as needed.
  • With the EasyData system you can view HS codes from the most general to the most detailed level.
  • Display monthly, quarterly, biannually or annual value or quantity data for multiple years.

Typical users

  • Economists, sector and investment analysts, trade and business planners
  • Multinational companies, research organisations, consulting firms, industry associations, government agencies and financial institutions


  • The EasyData website allows users to browse and download all the desired data in MS Excel XLSX or CSV format.
  • Updated monthly.

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