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What's included

a) Economic Data

Data sets
  • South African international trade
  • Provincial/Municipal international trade
  • Bilateral global international trade
Time series
  • 250,000 annual, quarterly and monthly foreign trade time-series from as early as 1988 to the present.
  • Over 8,000 traded commodities classified by Harmonised System (HS) 8-digit commodity classification code
  • Commodity totals at HS 2, 4 and 6-digit level
  • Broad economic classification (BEC) of all commodities available
  • 145 industries at International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC Rev 3) 4-digit level
  • Industry totals at ISIC 1, 2 and 3-digit level
  • South African trade to and from 170 countries and 20 regions (EC, NAFTA, SADC, Africa, etc.) of origin for imports or destination for exports
  • Regional import and export totals are available at all HS and ISIC levels
  • Both value and volume data are available for exports and imports (volume data only at HS 8-digit). Value data is in South African Rand or US Dollar denominations
  • Bilateral global international trade for a selection of South Africa’s main trading partners and economic peers at the ISIC 4-digit level
  • Our trade data system is simple to navigate and allows the user to view and organise data as needed.
  • With the EasyData system you can view HS codes from the most general to the most detailed level.
  • Display monthly, quarterly, biannually or annual value or quantity data for multiple years.

b) Economic Analysis

Quantec’s international trade service delivers a unique international trade dataset. Combining this dataset with Quantec’s South African international trade analysis provides a solid platform for strategic planning, budgeting, product development, investment, marketing and other purposes.

The analysis service includes monthly indicator tables and monthly and quarterly dashboards. The main analytical report is available quarterly. The South African trade overview is published annually with quarterly updates.