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EasyData Industry Service

Subscribe to a unique, disaggregated and consistent long-term view of South Africa’s economic structure by industry at the 3-digit ISIC level.


Option 1 includes access to the Quantec RSA and global industry data. Option 2 includes the industry forecast data.


  • Unlimited users — Every employee in your department may register his/her own account.
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  • Academic discounts — Academic institutions are eligible for academic discounts.
Option 1 Option 2 Option 1 + 2
a) Economic Data
RSA Industry Indicators
b) Economic Analysis
RSA Industry Forecast
Prices excluding VAT R61,600 / year R28,800 / year R90,400 / year

a) Economic Data

The South African industry indicator time-series database provides a unique view of South Africa's economic structure by industry at the 3-digit ISIC level. The data is compiled by combining a standardised input-output framework, spanning four decades, with a comprehensive set of industry and national account indicators. The result is a systematic and up-to-date set of standardised industry time-series and industry-by-industry analytical input-output tables for South Africa. The emphasis of the database is on the input, output, capital employed and labour utilisation structure of each industry.

Included in the database are a selection of industry-by-industry analytical input-output tables for South Africa’s main trading partners for selected years.

b) Economic Analysis

Quantec’s Economic Analysis service provides an easy to utilise synopsis of economic activity and policy issues in the South African economy. The South African industry forecast is an extension of the macroeconomic key indicator forecast to the industry level. Forecasts and analysis can be used for strategic planning, budgeting, product development, investment, marketing, costing, wage negotiations and other purposes. The forecast service includes all industry forecast data, quarterly indicator tables and quarterly dashboards. The main industry forecast report is available quarterly.

Benefits and highlights

  • The database is organised by industry.
    The structure of each industry is explained by hundreds of variables. Various views or units (nominal, real, price index, etc.) describe each variable.
  • The industry classification follows the 3-digit ISIC scheme
    The industries are classified according to the 28 manufacturing industries (3-digit ISIC) and 17 non-manufacturing industries (2 and 3-digit ISIC).
  • Ideally suited for industry-level economic analysis
    The industry database can serve as an important input into a wide range of economic analyses, including work on productivity, technology diffusion, environmental and economic impact, structural change and several other issues.
  • The industry data and forecast also provides:
    • Forecasted sales in multiple industries
    • Compare, rank, and size industries
    • Measure market opportunity and risk
    • Quantify the impact of economic events on key industries
    • Track key demand and cost drivers by industry

Typical users

  • Analysts, economists and anyone needing a snapshot of the South African macroeconomic environment from an industry perspective.
  • Strategic planners, product managers, sales forecasters and risk managers use the Industry service to plan, benchmark, and manage market risks and opportunities.


  • The EasyData website allows users to browse and download all the desired data and reports in MS Excel XLSX, CSV, Stata, EViews and PDF format.
  • Major updates occur twice a year during April-June and September-November. Minor updates occur quarterly.

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