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Use cases

A diverse group of companies and individuals rely on the Industry Service for their research and project needs. The following section includes some examples to illustrate how the EasyData Industry Service can make a valuable impact.

Example 1: A food industry analysis

The requirement

A sector analyst at an investment firm wants to analyse the structure and trends of the South African food industry.

The investment firm would like an informative breakdown of the South African food industry before considering investing in the industry. The analyst must analyse the size and origin or destination of food industry inputs and outputs, industry wage norms, margins and capital investment in the industry. Since investments are made with industry potential in mind, the analyst should also include forward forecasts of the key industry variables.

The problem

South African industry data is not easily available and is very limited in scope. Cross industry comparisons are also difficult because industry data is not typically cleaned and standardised. In addition, building an accurate industry analysis model requires a large amount of time and needs to be done by a modelling specialist.

The solution

Access to the Industry Subscription, via our EasyData service, expands upon the data available to analysts. The subscription includes standardised South African industry indicators, covering 48 industries, Quantec’s industry data forecasts, extending to 2018, and is presented in a convenient Input-Output (IO) model format. The data is available through a web-based interface and can be downloaded in Excel and CSV formats.