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Use cases

A diverse group of companies and individuals rely on the Macroeconomic Service for their research and project needs. The following section includes some examples to illustrate how the EasyData Macroeconomic Service can make a valuable impact.

Example 1: A quarterly economic report

The requirement

An economist working at a large bank has to compile a quarterly economic report for the bank’s management, stakeholders and clients.

The report will discuss economic growth, the money market, government activity, the labour market, inflation metrics and trade. Since the quarterly report is relied upon to make noteworthy strategic decisions, it is important that the data used is both timely and accurate.

The problem

The economic data required to compile a quarterly economic report is not readily available and is very diverse, requiring many sources. Each data source offers different search mechanisms to find data, while file formats and data structures are inconsistent. Naming conventions are often not uniform across sources. Gathering the collected data into a single location and cleaning the data in order for it to be analysed also demands time.

The solution

Access to the Macroeconomic Service, via our EasyData service, helps make light work of sourcing economic data. The service includes a comprehensive set of global as well as South African macroeconomic data. The data is available from a single location and can be downloaded collectively in Excel and CSV formats. Data can also first be transformed before being downloaded, with various useful calculations available, including frequency and year-on-year percentage changes.