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Country Risk Service

The Country Risk Service provides in-depth and timely analysis of the risks of financial exposure in 130 countries. The service helps you to make informed and immediate decisions about international creditworthiness.

This service monitors emerging and highly indebted markets on a continuous basis, producing two-year forecasts for the economic variables that are most important for risk assessment. Variables include current-account balance, financing requirements, foreign reserves, short-term debt, "hot money inflows" and the vulnerability of the banking sector.


  • Overall country risk rating — a quantitative assessment of the risk of doing business in each country.
  • Political risk outlook — analysis of the threat to political stability from factors such as war, social unrest and political violence.
  • Economic outlook — analysis of the state of government finances, economic growth and domestic financial indicators.
  • External finance and credit risk — analysis of the country's external financial position, including the current account, external borrowing, debt-servicing requirements and foreign-exchange reserves.
  • Specific investment risk ratings — assessment of the risk of investing in particular types of financial instruments.
  • Two-year forecasts — all variables are projected to a two-year forecasting horizon and displayed in easy-to-read tables.
  • Statistical appendices — a complete, compatible and up-to-date presentation of up to 180 economic variables used in the risk analysis of a country, providing a consistent seven-year historical data sequence, plus historical quarterly data.

Risk Ratings Review

Every month we produce a comparative summary of risk ratings for all 100 countries. The Risk Ratings Review helps you to spot global trends and identify countries whose risk profiles are changing.